Elite 1v1s

League of Legends Tournaments

What is Elite 1v1s?

Elite 1v1s is a League of Legends tournament hosting service that strives to create friendly, yet competitive community. Our tournaments have a $1 entry fee, making them extremely affordable. Tournaments are hosted every Saturday, and will be posted and available for registration about a week in advance. Times and dates of all tournaments are listed on our tournaments page.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the entire process of a tournament?
1. Join any tournament by clicking the "Join" button.
2. Once the tournament begins, immediately join the "Check-In" channel on our discord.
3. Our staff members will give everyone basic instruction and then move you to a different channel.
4. Make sure to fight hard, but clean! Following the rules at all times.
If there is any questions or concerns, join the "Request to talk with Staff" voice channel immediately in discord.

Is it free to sign up?
> It's 100% free to create an account.

Is joining tournaments free?
> Some have no entry fees while others have an entry fees starting at $1.00

What payment methods do you accept?
> Venmo.

How do I cashout my winnings?
> We will cash you out using Venmo. You can do so at any time under the My Account page.

What's the tournament rules?
> Rules

What's the discord link?
> https://discord.gg/wB69Ywgjku

What time zone are the tournaments in?
> We use PST (Pacific Time Zone).